Enabling the UK’s transmission system to meet new energy demands

Providing specialist expertise for gas and electricity transmission networks

  • Meeting the challenges of changing energy demands by renewing and enhancing transmission infrastructure
  • Ensuring a safe and secure supply for energy users nationwide

The enhancing of energy transmission networks is essential to provide businesses and homes with secure supplies of gas and electricity. We provide an integrated maintenance and replacement service for these assets, supporting our customers as they upgrade the UK’s transmission systems to service increased usage and receive energy from renewable forms of generation such as solar, wind, and tidal power.

Working in alliances we replace substations and civil engineering infrastructure from 275kV to 400kV. This includes our National Grid substations contract as part of Electricity Alliance Central, where we work in partnership with ABB and Atkins to design, construct and commission transmission substations across the Midlands, the north west of England and North Wales.

Our substation work is complemented by overhead line experience, including Electricity Alliance MSVE, where in partnership with VINCI Energies we construct and refurbish lines across England and Wales. This involves the refurbishment of 400kV lines, and designing and installing all permanent equipment including insulators, fittings and steelwork. In addition, we can also work on more specific fluid-filled Extra High Voltage (EHV) networks.

In the gas sector we work to install transmission pipelines and above ground infrastructure. Recent work includes the South Wales Expansion Projects for National Grid, where we increased the capacity of the transmission network.