Keeping the UK moving

Driving improvement across our road network

  • Delivering projects to improve road journeys for millions of people every day
  • Providing improved and new access to areas for development and employment opportunities, promoting economic growth
  • Implementing hard shoulder running (HSR) and introducing smart motorway technology to give reduced vehicle emissions, increased journey time reliability and cost savings of around 40 per cent compared with conventional schemes

Working for national and local highway authorities, we deliver strategic route improvements and essential road links for local communities.

Our projects encompass motorway widening, congestion relief, safety improvement and bypass schemes. Projects we have delivered include M62 Smart Motorways, Lincolnshire’s new A1073 bypass, the A1 Improvement scheme from Dishforth to Barton in North Yorkshire, and the M74 Completion Project through central Glasgow, Scotland’s largest infrastructure scheme.

Under Early Contractor Involvement (ECI) schemes, we engage with our customers as early as possible to maximise innovation, efficiency and cost savings.

Complemented by our industry-leading bridge design and build capability, we deliver some of the most ambitious road projects in the UK.