Your time to shine

(Please note that our Returnship programme is currently closed to new applicants - however you can register your details on our careers website to be alerted of future Returnship programmes).

If you've spent time away from work, it can be daunting making the transition back into full time employment. Our Returnship programme is designed to develop and reenergise your skills, with the aim of leading to a permanent job offer.

Our Returnship programme aims to help you return to work with confidence by refreshing your skills and offering an effective transition.

You'll receive mentoring and coaching support as well as training and updating technical skills where relevant.

The Returnship programme is similar to an intern placement - you'll be paid during the three month placement with a view to securing a permanent position with us at the end of the placement. 

Who are returnships for?

The Returnship programme is for anyone who has taken a voluntary career break of at least 18 months. We welcome applications from people at all levels who have either worked in the sector before or have transferrable skills from other sectors.

You may have left the industry to run your own business or taken a career break to raise children. You may have had an illness which stopped you working, but you are now well enough to return to work or you may have stopped work to care for a relative.

Experience of construction and infrastructure is not a pre-requisite for every role - but a genuine interest in our sector is.

You'll be keen to return to work for a leading UK construction and infrastructure company which recognises that talented people from all backgrounds are the key to our success.

The recruitment process

We're currently interviewing for Returnship placements - the Returnship vacancy is closed to new applicants but you can register on your details on our careers website to be alerted to future Returnship opportunities.

The programme recruitment process works as follows:
You'll be asked to complete an online application and upload your CV. If your initial application is successful you'll be invited to attend our recruitment day.

Following the recruitment day, successful applicants will be invited to join the Returnship programme. The programme will run for three months - you must be available three days a week during the first month, four days a week during month two and five days a week during month three. The programme is set up to offer you a phased return to work and will include specially selected training modules to enhance your confidence in returning to the workplace.

Following the placement, if you're offered a permanent position with us you'll be able to work in either a full time position, or on a flexible working arrangement.


What roles are covered?
All roles in our Infrastructure business our covered, including operational and functional support roles, from experienced positions through to senior management level.

What if I haven't had a career break?
Please look at the experienced appointments section, and browse our vacancies list. Our Returnship programme is specifically for people returning from a break in their career, or a break from the industry.

Who should I contact if I have any questions?
Please contact Natalie Conroy on, or speak with a member of our resourcing team via 01788 534500.

Ezekiel Olorunnipa

'This is by far the best recruitment process I have ever experienced for a job application.'

Ezekiel Olorunnipa, Assistant Engineer, Highways

I always wanted to be a civil engineer, as this was my desire and what I studied in university, back in Nigeria. But when I came to the United Kingdom, I had a lot of difficulty getting a job in this sector.

One challenge was due to the fact that most employers looked at my qualification and experience from a different country, and didn’t really consider what talent I had as a person. So having done different jobs in the UK, I decided to resign in 2017 and returned to university to get a masters degree in Civil and Structural Engineering.

The Morgan Sindall Infrastructure Returnship programme job advertisement came as a notification to my phone from a construction magazine. I was thrilled that a company would consider people who have been out of work or their profession for a long time. I felt I was in that category and if given the chance I would excel.

This is by far the best recruitment process I have ever experienced for a job application. From the application, to phone interview and the assessment day, all were so well organised, friendly and made me at ease. I never felt that pressure of a job interview at all.

Everyone was so welcoming and friendly, with great smiles on their faces. Well done Morgan Sindall Infrastructure.

Linda Pritchard

'I take great pride when I tell friends I’m working for Morgan Sindall Infrastructure on HS2, and it makes me realise how much I’ve missed working as part of the sector.'

Linda Pritchard, Senior Engineer, Fusion HS2 Joint Venture

The Returnship Programme was an opportunity for me to return to my roots of civil and environmental engineering. I’m an M.Eng graduate and took an 18 year break from the sector following the birth of my first child. I saw the programme as a chance to retrain, get back into the construction industry and fulfil my initial goal to become a qualified engineer.

In the time since I left the industry I’d retrained and taught as a secondary mathematics teacher, spent four years living in Spain and learning Spanish, and at the point of application was working in the accounts department of a national plant and machinery hirer. But with my two children now almost grown, doing GCSEs and A levels, I felt I needed a new challenge and the Returnship programme came at the perfect time.

Morgan Sindall Infrastructure has a great reputation within the industry and as an employer. So while it was a risk to give up a steady position and salary, it was also a fantastic opportunity for me to take back my life and continue with the career I’d started so many years ago.

I work in Birmingham on the High Speed Rail contract HS2, as part of the Fusion joint venture with Bam Nuttall and Ferrovial. I’m also practising my Spanish with some of the many Spanish colleagues on the project.

I take great pride when I tell friends I’m working for Morgan Sindall Infrastructure on HS2, and it makes me realise how much I’ve missed working as part of the sector.

Paul Alvarez

‘This is a great opportunity to make your aspiration a reality.’

Paul Alvarez, Assistant Design Engineer, Morgan Sindall Engineering Solutions

I was running a small business while awaiting an opportunity to work in civil engineering. I saw the Morgan Sindall Infrastructure Returnship programme advertised on the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) website.

I liked the idea of giving people who had a break in their careers the opportunity to start again. I found it to be a unique way to encourage people to develop their experience while understanding their personal circumstances.

This is a great opportunity to make your aspiration a reality.