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Morgan Sindall takes receipt of the UK's first Mercedes Benz 'Euro 6' compliant trucks

Morgan Sindall is the first business in the UK to make use of the Mercedes Benz Arocs truck, the cleanest commercial vehicle in production.

These new vehicles aren’t your run-of-the-mill lorries. They have been built by Mercedes Benz to comply with ‘Euro 6’, a stringent new EU environmental standard. These EU standards have sought to incrementally decrease harmful emissions from vehicles since 1993. The latest incarnation aims to reduce particulate matter (solid or liquid pollutant particles in the air) by 99 per cent and oxides of Nitrogen (NOX) by 97 per cent.

To achieve this, the Mercedes Benz Arocs utilises a combination of advanced engine technologies to drastically reduce emissions. These include selective catalytic reduction (SCR) which reduces NOX output by adding ammonia to the exhaust system, and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) which reduces NOX outputs further by allowing cooled exhaust gasses back into the vehicle’s air intake. Further to this, it features a diesel particulate filter (DPF), which captures soot particles from the exhaust gas. Once this filter is full, the engine temperature is raised to burn the soot.

The company has leased two of these £100,000 vehicles, which will be working on the organisation’s contract to re-lay the runway at Heathrow Airport, delivering materials to the site and clearing spoil away from the work areas.

Morgan Sindall is determined to mitigate the impact it has on the environment wherever possible. Jonathan Hall, plant director for Morgan Sindall, said: “As a major UK construction and infrastructure company, we take on a leadership role in driving forward our industry’s sustainability performance. We believe that working in a sustainable manner is fundamental to the reputation and continuity of our industry. We are making demonstrable progress in the field of sustainability, and our acquisition of these Euro 6 compliant vehicles serves to highlight that.”

These trucks aren’t just planet friendly, they’re people friendly too. The trucks include vulnerable road user protection in the form of fitted side guards, rear and side cameras and a side scan detection system for cyclists and pedestrians.

James Colbourne, Head of Strategic Accounts, Mercedes-Benz Truck Sales and Marketing, said: “Working with Morgan Sindall and their vehicle supplier Paul Bumford at Leeds Commercial Vehicle Hire, has been an extremely positive experience. As one of the UK’s leading construction and infrastructure companies, Morgan Sindall requires vehicles that are green, safe, economical and robust and the new Arocs delivers all of this and more.

“These are the first 8x4 Euro 6 Arocs to enter service in the UK and Morgan Sindall are demonstrating how safety, not only for their own personnel but other third parties in general, and sustainability work hand in hand”.

Bodied by tipper specialists Thompsons of Blackburn, both vehicles use the latest all-steel “carry anything” Loadmaster multi-purpose tipper body which offers strength and durability in any operating environment.”


Pictured: A Mercedes Benz Arocs truck

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