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Morgan Sindall recognised at 2017 Rail Industry Conference for implementation of fatigue risk management technology

Morgan Sindall has received an award of High Commendation from the Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH). The award, which was presented at IOSH’s annual Rail Industry Conference 2017 in Nottingham this month, was awarded in recognition of the company’s work in the area of fatigue risk management. Fatigue is an area of recent focus in the field of occupational health and safety, as industry awareness of the impact of fatigue on both safety and productivity continues to grow.

Morgan Sindall implemented a new technology called the Readiband Solution in support of the delivery of the Edinburgh Glasgow Improvement Programme (EGIP). The technology, developed by Canadian firm Fatigue Science, involves equipping workers with a wrist-worn device called the Readiband, along with a companion mobile app. The band-and-app combination uses validated algorithms to help workers understand the impact of their sleep on their daily fatigue levels, and ultimately, their safety on duty. With these insights, the Readiband app guides workers to sustain better sleep habits and behaviors in pursuit of quantifiable fatigue reduction goals. Thus far, Morgan Sindall’s Rail team has equipped 100 employees with the Readiband solution.

Andrew Jellis, Morgan Sindall’s Managing Director of Rail, said, “We know that in our dynamic, 24/7 operating environment, there is a risk that fatigue is present, but it is largely invisible. Now we have a tool that not only measures the risk, but also empowers our workers to reduce it.”

On EGIP, that’s meant educating workers about sleep hygiene and other controllable measures they can take to improve their sleep, and giving them the Readiband to track and attain achievable goals. In addition, Morgan Sindall has OH&S staff on hand to further support workers who seek out additional help.

“At Morgan Sindall, we promote a culture of adopting innovative technologies that are proven to help employee mental health and wellbeing,” Jellis adds. “Particularly in this line of work, fatigue is an age-old problem ripe for new thinking, where we weren’t satisfied just remaining with the status quo.”

Morgan Sindall has been an early adopter of Fatigue Science technology since 2016, where it used the tools on previous large scale rail projects and found similar reductions in worker fatigue. Based on the success of these efforts, the firm is now eyeing a path toward adopting the Readiband more broadly, as part of its larger commitment to improving employee well-being, mental health, and safety.