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Listen: Partnerships for Lambeth Town Hall

We recently took part in the Estates Gazette (EG) Property Podcast alongside our Morgan Sindall Group sister company Muse Developments, discussing our work on the regeneration of Lambeth Town Hall.

The beautifully restored and remodelled 'Your New Town Hall' is at the heart of the Future Brixton masterplan. In this episode, Estates Gazette explores the partnerships behind the scheme and the Borough’s wider regeneration in this exclusive podcast.

Lambeth Town Hall is an £80 million refurbishment, a project that will see the south London borough reduce the number of offices it occupies from 14 to two. The project is also boosting the supply of affordable housing - and affordable workspaces - in Brixton. Is it a model for others to follow?

You can listen to this podcast below, and browse our other content via Soundcloud: Podcast sourced and used with permission from the Estate Gazettes Podcast channel: