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Donation enables installation of lifesaving defibrillator units in Tollerton

Morgan Sindall has donated £720 to Tollerton Parish Council enabling the installation of two defibrillators in the Nottinghamshire village.

Late last year the Parish Council set about raising the £3,000 required to install the defibrillators in the village which previously had no provision.

The wall-mounted machines have become a common sight in recent years being installed in a range of locations such as supermarkets, garden centres and gymnasiums. They are used to administer a high energy electric shock which can restore the heart to a more stable rhythm in some types of cardiac arrest.

In such circumstances, they are an essential lifesaving step.

Steve Eustace, Chairman of Tollerton Parish Council said: “Many of the villages in Nottinghamshire have recently had defibrillators installed and we felt that it was something which we were missing in Tollerton. We discussed this at a public meeting and resolved to undertake fundraising to install two machines in the village.

“They have the potential to save lives and the two machines are there for the general benefit of our parishioners and visitors to our village.

“All of our fundraisers deserve credit but we’d particularly like to thank Morgan Sindall for getting us to our total and enabling their installation.”

Morgan Sindall’s area director for the midlands, Richard Fielding added: “We were approached by the Parish Council as we are currently on-site building a healthcare facility for Spire Healthcare close to the village. It is a great cause and one which we were only too pleased to support.

“Whilst we hope the units never have to be used, it is reassuring that they are now in place in case the need arises.

Tollerton Parish council has fitted one unit in the new part of the village, immediately outside the Parish Rooms, with the second in the old part close to St Peter’s Church.