ARU Peterborough 1k Strategy

ARU Peterborough 1k Strategy
ARU Peterborough 1k Strategy

During the preconstruction phase, all Morgan Sindall Construction projects implement our unique 1K Strategy.

As part of our Stakeholder Planning, we consider all infrastructure: transport networks; public buildings; parks; businesses and dwellings within one kilometre of the site. We research with rigor, to comprehend the effect of our work upon that infrastructure. We make detailed logistical plans, to minimise any adverse impact whilst maximizing potential benefits. We develop specific Stakeholder Communication Strategies, in conjunction with our customer, to engage each person, body or organisation in the way that best suits them. We find that our customers, whose reputation can be affected by how contractors conduct themselves, take enormous strength from this strategy.

It’s another reason that our customers place their trust and confidence in Morgan Sindall Construction. Download the ARU Peterborough 1k Strategy here.

Peterborough ARU

4D Animation, 1k strategy

In response to question 6 on logistics we have constructed a 4D animation to show clearly how we will construct ARU Peterborough.

Delivering an outstanding student experience at Newman University

Newman University halls of residence is a great example of the outstanding collaboration between Morgan Sindall Construction, customers, clients, suppliers and end-users. The result, an outstanding building that will serve the universities growing student body, which has been designed to fully meet the students wants and needs. The comments we have received from university staff, their students and families has been that of surprise, with the building having many features that students would only typically receive in private rented accommodation.

The Enterprise Centre, University of East Anglia - the UK's greenest building

An introduction to the University of East Anglia's Enterprise Centre, built by Morgan Sindall - Britain's greenest building, and one of the most sustainable in Europe.

The GSK Carbon Neutral Laboratories for Sustainable Chemistry, University of Nottingham

Morgan Sindall Construction constructed the UK’s first carbon neutral laboratory, The GSK Carbon Neutral Laboratories for Sustainable Chemistry, University of Nottingham. Take a look inside the building in this project profile, featuring an interview with Pete Licence, Professor of Chemistry at the university.