Improving the environment
Working Together
Protecting people

Project description

Delivered through the Suffolk County Council framework, the West Suffolk Operational Hub is a project that has centralised, improved and transformed waste management across the region. The project delivered on time, in budget, 100% Safe and scored 9/10 for customer satisfaction.

It was a project that transformed a community into one that walked every step of the journey with the development and attended the opening event with pride. Not only is it helping to better tackle waste recycling, it has also hugely benefitted the local community, because from day one, we included the community as part of the team.

Morgan Sindall Group plc’s Social Value Bank has helped demonstrate the huge impact the team made on the community; over £17 million of social value has been invested locally, 90% of project spend was with local SME’s, the team inspired 520 pupils and donated over 290 hours on local community projects.

Some of the key project highlights:
  • £17 million of social value delivered
  • 290 volunteer hours donated to community projects
  • 1.95 LM3 return
  • 9/10 customer satisfaction

Responsible business

Improving the environment

Improving the environment

As a result of our careful design and material selection, the team managed to ensure 99% of waste was recycled on the scheme.
We also delivered 2,301 hours of environmental training to workers across the project
Working together with our supply chain

Working together with our supply chain

A real focus on local procurement ensured 90% of project spend was channelled through local SME’s
The scheme also delivered an LM3 (local multiplier score) of 1.95
Protecting people

Protecting people

During the project, the team trained a number of mental health first aiders and delivered mental health toolbox talks – as a result, we managed to help two workers to get back on track from really challenging positions in their lives.


The biggest challenge on the project was ensuring the community were bought along the journey and had a positive change toward the development – through numerous engagements, events, a dedicated microsite, drone videos and open site visits, the team managed to transform a community.

With an extensive amount of groundworks delivered on the scheme, the team faced significant risk. Early geographical surveys and investigations enabled us to change the foundations and contamination issues ensuring no impact to the programme. The team also implemented an off site pre-cast solution for the retaining walls to deliver programme savings.


“The shift of the community here has been immense. They now feel ownership and they feel proud of it and that’s credit to you guys for the work you have done with the community. In fact that was the strongest thing about you and why we selected you initially - don't lost that, it so important. You walked the talk with Ultra CCS and that really showed. You have restored my faith in the industry!"

Mark Walsh
West Suffolk Council