Enhancing communities
Improving the environment
Developing people

Project description

The M62 Junctions 10 to 12 scheme is being carried out on 15 kilometres of the motorway to make it all-lane running. This section currently carries in excess of 110,000 vehicles per day.

The M62 between junctions 10 and 12 plays a key role as part of a strategic route carrying high volumes of vehicles between Liverpool and Manchester. Congestion and unreliable journey times are currently experienced at busy periods and traffic is predicted to grow.

It aims to:

  • Reduce congestion and smooth the flow of traffic to improve travel times, making journeys more reliable
  • Support the economy and facilitate economic growth within the region. Providing much-needed capacity on the motorway will reduce the cost of delays to both commuters and business traffic
  • Continue to deliver a high level of safety performance on the network
  • Minimise environmental impacts.

The features of the schemes include:

  • Variable mandatory speed limits
  • Driver information, including lane availability, provided through a mixture of gantries and cantilever signs
  • Queue detection and automatic signalling system, which provides queue protection and congestion management
  • Comprehensive low light pan-tilt zoom CCTV coverage
  • Refuge areas where drivers can stop in an emergency.

Responsible business

Enhancing communities

Enhancing communities

Local events were organised over two days to help people understand the changes, provide information to people to may be affected by the scheme, and explain how they can raise any concerns.
Improving the environment

Improving the environment

The project is using GTL (gas to liquid) fuels in generators and some plant, which reduces local air pollution as it produces less emissions than traditional diesel.

The fuel can be used as a direct replacement for diesel and has many other benefits including reducing noise pollution, being more biodegradable than traditional diesel and being safer due to its high flash point.
Developing people

Developing people

In addition to providing work experience placements on site, we worked with community organisations including NOVUS, a company that assists ex-offenders into employment.

We also partnered with Minstrell Training to create and deliver a pre-employment programme to provide training, job opportunities and qualifications for local unemployed people.