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Enhancing communities
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Project description

In response to population growth and increased operation numbers, the James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust commissioned the extension and refurbishment of its theatres complex at the James Paget Hospital in Great Yarmouth .

Morgan Sindall Construction installed state-of-the-art theatre facilities, upgraded existing services, and created new patient recovery areas alongside the existing theatres.

In contrast to the previous arrangement where inpatient and outpatient surgery took place within the same complex, the new Day Case Unit delivers day case surgery only, based on an average patient stay of four hours. It includes three operating suites, plus trolley bays, ward areas, waiting and recovery areas, a main entrance, reception area and theatre staff changing facilities.

All theatres are now equipped with the latest ventilation systems providing maximum flexibility for surgical procedures, including major surgery should the need arise.

The team also added a vertical extension to two areas of the hospital to facilitate the upgraded plant servicing the theatres.

Responsible business

Enhancing communities

Enhancing communities

The main extension part of the project is adjacent to a children’s ward. To improve the project experience for these patients, the team visited the wards on a regular basis, and delivered Easter eggs and Christmas presents.

In addition, during the project our carpenters created MDF cutouts of wooden animals, that were then painted by the children’s ward and added to the site hoarding, to improve the patients’ view from the site boundary, which throughout the project had more and more animals added to it.

Volunteers from the team and the office also took part in the annual Neighbourhood Week at the hospital. This included the total refurbishment of one of the courtyard areas to create a patient rehabilitation area.

Working together with our supply chain

Working together with our supply chain

During the early stages of the scheme we worked closely with the customer to make £119k of savings, reviewing roofing, pipework and ductwork packages to engineer more cost-effective solutions.


The project was located at the heart of a live hospital environment, between a cancer ward and a children’s ward, and above the live pathology unit. Regular meetings with the Estates Department ensured we were able to schedule the works around clinical activity, while our use of specialist plant and equipment allowed the hospital to continue operating in a ‘business as usual’ manner.

We also installed a specialist ventilation system for the cancer wards, completely sealing them off from our working area to ensure that no dust interfered with treatment or care. We used sprinkler systems to dampen down all work, and special bunding to protect any ground work activity.


“I would absolutely recommend the team we’ve had here. Within the NHS there are ‘Value for Money’ exercises we conduct – on this project there’s been a happy balance between the value for money and the quality we received. So from our perspective we’d be pleased to work with Morgan Sindall in the future and certainly would recommend them to colleagues across the UK.”

David Adams
Head of Estates, James Paget University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust


National Considerate Constructors Scheme Gold Award 2016