Project description

The LIFT (Local Improvement Finance Trust) programme delivered a range of NHS and local authority facilities to communities at nine locations in and around Doncaster.

The modern and spacious facilities offer a cohesive provision of medical and community services, accommodating GP practices and health services such as minor surgery, occupational therapy, dentistry, speech and language therapy, family planning and dietetics. Community resources include libraries, internet cafes, housing and welfare services and Sure Start centres. These buildings fulfil the local authority’s vision of one-stop community hubs, promoting social interaction.

As part of the LIFT programme, Morgan Sindall established a national framework of suppliers who were familiar with a ‘signature’ specification. These suppliers, supplemented by maintaining relationships with the same local key subcontractors and installers on these repeat order schemes, helped Morgan Sindall to achieve its goal of Perfect Delivery on successive projects.

Responsible business



Many community initiatives were undertaken by the Morgan Sindall teams to promote good community relations. These included a donation of £500 to a day care centre for the elderly in recognition of support and cooperation during the construction works at the adjacent White Wings Centre. The donation contributed to a holiday trip to Southport for the care centre residents.

In October 2010, we welcomed students from Doncaster College to join us for a day, in an event designed to give an insight into the variety of careers available in the construction industry.


"You and your team have done an excellent job and richly deserved approval of Perfect Delivery on this project.   I was particularly pleased with the way in which you and your team have handled local relationships at the site, especially given the obvious constraints and challenges in minimising disruption. For the entire contract period, I have not received any complaints from neighbours or locals - a fact which serves to highlight your truly incredible achievement."

Martin Rooney
Community Solutions Primary Care


Morgan Sindall Investments Limited