Project description

The AV Hill building is one of Europe’s largest biomedical facilities, housing 300 neuroscience and immunology scientists from the University of Manchester’s Faculties of Life Sciences and Medical and Human Sciences.

The six storey, 9,700m² facility provides extensive office accommodation for staff of the university and external researchers. Write-up areas are also provided, as are a mixture of open and cellular laboratories dedicated to high level research. It is linked at third floor level to three adjacent University of Manchester buildings: the Core Technology Facility and the Michael Smith and Stopford buildings, which together make up a linked complex of more than 300 research groups.

Facilities as part of the project include comprehensive laboratories, a photographic dark room, digital imaging facilities, a bacteriology room, and biomedical storage units.

Responsible business



When we were appointed to the AV Hill project, the estimated cost exceeded the customer’s budget, so we undertook a value engineering exercise through our supply chain to bring costs down. 

We realised that this exercise might lead to problems with meeting required specifications and design standards, so it was agreed with the customer that we would postpone construction for three months whilst we worked through the value engineering exercise collaboratively with the full design team. 

This process enabled us to achieve the savings set by the customer in a controlled environment. Potential causes of delay and cost overspend were flagged-up early, and the project was delivered on time and within the contract sum. In addition, the collaborative approach built trust within the team which led to stronger working relationships.



  • Site is set within a live university campus, within the confines of three operational research facilities
  • High levels of security protocols


“I just wanted to record our gratitude for the help and support. Being able to collaborate with Morgan Sindall in such a flexible and amenable way as this has made life easier for everyone, thank you!” 

Dr. Simon Merrywest, Deputy Head of Faculty Administration
University of Manchester


BCO Corporate Workplace Award 2009

CCS National Site Award – Silver 2009